complie error 1.24.0 MPI enabled version

I attempted to install version 1.24 today and was unable to successfully compile the MPI enabled version, although the non-MPI enabled version comiled no problems.

I’m running linux UBUNTU 64-bit…


sorry should have included some more detail, here’s the last few lines of the make process before it fails:

unifracunweightedcommand.o unifracweightedcommand.o unweighted.o uvest.o validcalculator.o validparameter.o venncommand.o venn.o weighted.o weightedlinkage.o whittaker.o fisher2.o metastats2.o bsplvb.o bsplvd.o bvalue.o daxpy.o ddot.o dpbfa.o dpbsl.o interv.o intrv.o sgram.o sinerp.o sslvrg.o stxwx.o -lreadline -lncurses
shhhercommand.o: In function ShhherCommand::execute()': /home/andrew/MOTHUR_MPI/Mothur.1.24.0/Mothur.source/shhhercommand.cpp:404: undefined reference toShhherCommand::createNamesFile()’
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [mothur] Error 1

I just posted a new version of the source. Want to give it a try?

Seems to work now!