mothur > cluster.split(fasta=final.fasta, count=final.count_table, taxonomy=final.taxonomy)

Using 128 processors.
Splitting the file…
Selecting sequences for group Gammaproteobacteria (1 of 25)
Number of unique sequences: 894086
Selected 2453200 sequences from final.count_table.
Calculating distances for group Gammaproteobacteria (1 of 25):
Sequence Time Num_Dists_Below_Cutoff
0 1 0
100 2 134
200 4 590
300 6 1549
400 10 3060
It is taking more time and not finishing.
My run has 120 samples with v3&v4 amplified genes of 16S rRNA with paired end sequences (2
Thank You,

With the region you are using I think you are running into this problem…

You might just sit tight and see if the data processes if you wait long enough

Thank You Pat for your reply.
In this case, If I wait long, will it process my data correctly?

Thank You

Yep, these things take time