Cluster Split running for a few days. Should I stop?

What I notice is that the dist file where the program has slowed down is 22 GB in size. The command splits dist file into multiple files. There were no problems with a dist file that was 3 GB in size for example. The computer I am using has 14 Gigabytes. My calculation was that since the opti method uses half the memory, it would take around 11 GB RAM for the 22 GB file. Thoughts?
Should we upgrade the computer we are using? We are using only one processor. We are thinking of upgrading RAM to 64 GB. We will still be using one processor.
How much time does it take to process a dist file that is in totality 35 GB in size?


You can’t fit 22GB into 11 GB RAM. Upgrading the RAM would probably work. It might be significantly cheaper to use AWS instead of buying your own RAM.

Also, can you make sure that you’re using mothur v.1.39.5 and using a cutoff of 0.03?