cluster error

Dear all,
I am using mothur to analyze my clone library data. When I run cluster command (clustering sequences into OTUs based on genetic distance), I always get an error: [ERROR]: did not complete cluster. Please refer to below for details:
mothur > dist.seqs(fasta=Z8.align.fas,calc=onegap,countends=f,cutoff=0.1,out=lt)
Using 1 processors.
0 0
100 0
200 0
300 0
400 1
500 1
600 2
700 3
750 3
Output File Names:
It took 3 to calculate the distances for 751 sequences.
mothur > cluster(phylip= Z8.align.phylip.dist,method=furthest,cutoff=0.1)
Unable to open Z8.align.phylip.dist
Using Z8.align.phylip.dist as input file for the phylip parameter.
[ERROR]: did not complete cluster.
Any suggestions you can give me really appreciated.

The space before the file name is causing an issue. We will be making mothur more flexible in our next release.

mothur > cluster(phylip= Z8.align.phylip.dist,method=furthest,cutoff=0.1)

should be

mothur > cluster(phylip=Z8.align.phylip.dist,method=furthest,cutoff=0.1)