Anosim-weighted unifrac score

a) Is it possible to perform anosim analysis of only some of the samples within design file? i.e, set or groups parameter can be used or there is any other way to do anosim with only few samples of design file?

b) What does R value = nan denotes, when P value <0.001* in anosim denotes?

c) What does the weighted unifrac score = 1 denotes, when Wsig is <0.001?

This usually happens when people don’t have replicates. How many replicates do you have for each of your treatment groups?


Thanks for your reply. I got R value = nan and weighted unifrac score = 1 in the single sample cases (no replicates).

Can the P value or Wsig be considered for single sample comparison?

Sorry, but if you don’t have replicates, then you can’t do statistics.