amova design file

Dear PD.schloss
Thanks for your mothur which help me analyze my data, but I have a problem when I performed amova analysis. I tried to use different letters represent different groups,but I only got the results together, rather than the result of the comparison in pairs.
This is my result:
WT-WW-WX-WXL-WXS Among Within Total
SS 0.342839 5.71399 6.05683
df 4 78 82
MS 0.0857097 0.0732563

Fs: 1.17
p-value: 0.211

My design file like this:
group name
20160705V4_2_S_1 WX
20160705V4_2_S_2 WW
20160705V4_2_S_3 WT
20160705V4_2_S_4 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_5 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_6 WX
20160705V4_2_S_7 WW
20160705V4_2_S_8 WT
20160705V4_2_S_9 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_10 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_11 WX
20160705V4_2_S_12 WW
20160705V4_2_S_13 WT
20160705V4_2_S_14 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_15 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_16 WX
20160705V4_2_S_17 WW
20160705V4_2_S_18 WT
20160705V4_2_S_20 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_21 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_22 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_23 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_25 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_26 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_27 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_28 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_29 WX
20160705V4_2_S_30 WW
20160705V4_2_S_31 WT
20160705V4_2_S_32 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_33 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_34 WX
20160705V4_2_S_37 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_38 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_39 WX
20160705V4_2_S_40 WW
20160705V4_2_S_41 WT
20160705V4_2_S_42 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_44 WX
20160705V4_2_S_45 WW
20160705V4_2_S_47 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_49 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_50 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_51 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_52 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_53 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_54 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_57 WX
20160705V4_2_S_58 WW
20160705V4_2_S_62 WX
20160705V4_2_S_63 WW
20160705V4_2_S_64 WT
20160705V4_2_S_65 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_66 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_73 WW
20160705V4_2_S_74 WT
20160705V4_2_S_75 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_77 WX
20160705V4_2_S_78 WW
20160705V4_2_S_82 WX
20160705V4_2_S_85 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_86 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_87 WX
20160705V4_2_S_88 WW
20160705V4_2_S_89 WT
20160705V4_2_S_90 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_92 WX
20160705V4_2_S_93 WW
20160705V4_2_S_97 WX
20160705V4_2_S_98 WW
20160705V4_2_S_99 WT
20160705V4_2_S_101 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_102 WX
20160705V4_2_S_103 WW
20160705V4_2_S_105 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_106 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_110 WXS
20160705V4_2_S_111 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_112 WX
20160705V4_2_S_113 WW
20160705V4_2_S_114 WT
20160705V4_2_S_116 WXL
20160705V4_2_S_117 WX

Is it a problem with my design file? Can you help me fix it?


Li Hao


We only provide the top-level comparison of all groups when your P-value is greater than 0.05. Your p-value is 0.211, which indicates that none of the five groups is significantly different from the others. Because of this, it does not make sense and is in fact risky, to then do the pairwise comparisons. There is no significant difference between your five groups (P=0.211).