unifrac.convert, phylo.betadiversity don't seem to exist

Few things:

  1. I noticed that the commands phylo.betadiversity and unifrac.convert don’t really exist (in mothur 1.25.1) despite being documented.
  2. unifrac.convert should also really have the opposite option to convert a name and a group to a unifrac format sample ID file. Running the unifrac locally takes awfully long time (or just hands I’m not sure yet), and one should have the option of easily running it on their website. Or is there another way of generating a unifrac compatible ID file that I’m not aware of?
  3. a minor thing: the search option here in the forum skips common words on search. The result is that it’s almost impossible to search any of the function names because people wrote their names too often here. can you somehow set it to a higher value of occurrence (or tell it to ignore command names as common words)

Thanks in advance

Hi Roey,
The commands unifrac.convert and phylo.betadiversity are not part of mothur and never were. I have removed the pages about them from the wiki, sorry for the confusion.

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Still I wonder if there’s a way to convert a name and a group file into a Unifrac ID file.

Thanks again