tax.summary file not printing all levels?

Hello all,
A quick question here since I can’t seem to find a previous discussion about it on the forum:

Does the .tax.summary file always NOT print out the statistics for the last taxomonic level? I’m using a user-defined .tax file with five levels (Eukarya;Major_Group;Group;Class;Genus) and the resulting .tax.summary files coming out of the classify.seqs command always give me down to “taxlevel” 4 (=Class; “”) and not the stats for level 5 (“”)…

Any ideas? I would love to get the “genus” assignments without having to go through the .tax files pseudo-manually (as I already do for the dominant OTUs, but there’s only a dozen or so).

Can you double check that you have the latest release? We fixed a bug like this a release or two ago. It’s also possible that the eukarya classification is wonky and won’t go that deep, but i’d double check your version of mothur first

Thanks for the quick response Pat - that was the problem, I was using “one version ago” and now it works fine with 1.16.1…