SparCC trying to infer relationships with SparCC. Matrix dimensions must match labels dimensions

I have an abundance table of samples in rows and genus in columns. I would like to display a network from this table using SparCC but when I try to infer correlations between the numbers via “python …/abundance.txt -i 10 --cor_file=test_cor.txt > sparcc.log” i get an error displayed below:
(Please excuse the misalignment of the columns- rest assured the file is formatted properly and tab-delimited)

         acetitomaculum acetivibrio acholeplasma achromobacter
AE01            0               0          0         1
AE02            0               0          0         2
AE03            0               0          0         48

IOError: Matrix dimensions must match labels dimensions

Can anyone tell me how I might try to infer a correlations and display a network from such an abundance table?

Sorry, but we don’t support the python version of SparCC - you would have to check with the Alm group for that.

Hi @pschloss,
ok thanks where can I find the ‘Alm’ group? I can’t find a link from this forum anywhere??

I think their contact information is on the paper that originally described the method.