Silva 132 taxonomy issue


Im not sure if this is appropriate for this forum or should be directed at Silva, but I have found a potential problem with the Silva 132 mothur-formatted taxonomy file. Currently in the file there is the order level taxon Nitrosococcales with family Nitrosococcaceae and genus AqS1. In searching through the literature I have not been able to find the order Nitrosococcales or family Nitrosococcaceae. Additionally the only genus I have found thus far called AqS1 belongs to the order Chromatiales. I have included a reference for this below. Any help or info on this would be much appreciated!


Gauthier M-EA, Watson JR, Degnan SM. Draft genomes shed light on the dual bacterial symbiosis that dominates the microbiome of the coral reef sponge Amphimedon queenslandica . Front Mar Sci. 2016;3:196.

Hi Alexis, yeah that’s more of a SILVA issue than for us.