sffinfo Illegal instruction (core dumped)

hi all

When I used sffinfo like below. I got the problem. Mothur told me illegal instruction (core dumped).

mothur > sffinfo(sff=/home/zhaoxinfeng/1_20140324.1q.sff,flow=T) Extracting info from /home/zhaoxinfeng/1_20140324.1q.sff ... Illegal instruction (core dumped)
Does someone tell me what is wrong with my data?

Many thanks

Can you tell us which version of mothur you are using? You can run…

mothur -v

from the command line where you are usually running the program.

1.36.1 thanks

Could you give the Mothur.cen_64.noOpt.zip version https://github.com/mothur/mothur/releases/tag/v1.36.1 a try?