Sff.multiple - problem with oligos file in the last file

I have .sff file with many samples sequenced together.
My question is how can i Separate my out only my samples from all using barcodes information??

thanks in advance

You should take a look at our 454 SOP. You’ll need to run sffinfo then trim.flows and/or trim.seqs with an oligos file


I want to convert OTU abundance table into binary format (presence-absence data). Can someone suggest me how to do it in mothur.
Actually, I tried to searching but couldn’t find it.


Not in mothur, but it would be pretty easy in R.

count <- read.table(file="myfile.shared", header=T)
count[,4:ncol(count)] <- count[,4:ncol(count)] > 0
count[,4:ncol(count)] <- count[,4:ncol(count)] * 1
write.table(count, file="binary.shared", quote=F, row.names=F)

myfile.shared would be your input and binary.shared your output.