Running mothur in mpi


I am a new mothur user and have a question regarding the mpirun -np 8 mothurMPI “#shhh.flows(file=GQY1XT001.flow.files)” command in the SchlossSOP. I tried executing the command after I exit mothur but I got the following error-

Bradleys-MacBook-Pro:REALdata bradleystevenson$ mpirun -np 2 mothurMPI “#shhh.flows(file=G2JMG1302.flow.files)”
-bash: mpirun: command not found.

What exactly do I need to do to navigate past this?

Thank you


First, I’d say don’t bother with the MPI version - I have yet to see it be faster than the built in processors option we have in mothur. Second, tell Brad that he needs to install MPI if he wants you to use MPI :).