rename.seqs - groups file

Hi mothur team,

After running rename.seqs, I noticed that the sequence names in a groups file were not renamed accordingly to be compatible with the renamed fasta and names file. It would be nice to see a quick fix for this in v1.35.1 although there are a number of possible workarounds.


Could you post an example? When I run these commands I am not getting any errors.

rename.seqs(fasta=abrecovery.fasta, name=abrecovery.names, group=abrecovery.groups)
make.table(name=current, group=current)
unique.seqs(fasta=current, name=current)

Sorry Sarah, I think I had confused my renamed groups file with the original one.

By the way, in addition to parameters for fasta, name, and groups file, do you think we could have an option where we input a wang taxonomy file to rename all of the unique sequences that are already classified?