Rarefaction curve

Dear all,
I am new in the world of NGS and am still learning. I am struggling to draw a “rarefaction curve” with output data (final.an.groups.rarefaction) generated in mothur with the command line: mothur>rarefaction.single(freq=5).
Could you please advise / help how to draw the curve ?


You can plot the output in R, Excel, anything you want. What are you trying and what problems are you having?


I Pat,
Thank very much for the reply. I don’t know how to use “R”, but will find out on how to use it. I have used 'Excel" to plot my rarefaction curve, but I am not satisfy of what my curves look. I means my curves in excel don’t have the normal shape leading to a plateau as what I get from online-based analysis programme such as MG-Rast. My plot in excel result in two oblic lines (but not a curve). I hope I am not doing something wrong in excel, but please let me know