Problem with

Hi all
I’ve been trying to run the command to obtain a simple format but I always encounter the same error, and no output file…

I tried all mothur versions from the Mothur.win_64_V1.39.5 to V1.40.5.

I really could use some help.

Thank you

COMMAND:, name=Ratinhos_poopMicrobiomechgange_September2018.good.names, group=merge.good.groups, printlevel=6, output=simple)
[ERROR]: Could not open

It took 68 secs to create the summary file for 3499031 sequences.

Output File Names:

It appears mothur is having trouble opening the output file. Some common causes include:

  1. Write Access - Do you have write permissions on the folder?

  2. Space - Have you run out of disk space?

If these ideas don’t resolve the issue, please send your input files and log files to