Print mothur version in log file

Well the title says it all! For some reason it does not appear in my log file, it always start with make.contigs!


What version of mothur are you running? Do the commands you are running include the set.logfile() command?

Hello Sarah!

It does!

I am using 1.44 I think!

(Attachment megacampy_logFile_clustersplit is missing)

Hello, sorry It took me some time to answer.

I updated to 1.47 and now it shows!

On an unrelated topic,

Trying the as I write, I tried to process 1 000 samples at the same time but I ran out of memory on compute Canada server (even with 128 Go of RAM). Could not make the contigs. So I am running half my samples (this is working fine) and will use for the other half. Thank for this tool!

Kind regards,

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