Pre.cluster returned unexpectable files

Thank you for this great tool and great forum. I’m a beginner so that I’m struggling unexpected files made by pre.cluster command.

I used to adopt mothur version 1.35.1, but lately, I have been using version 1.42.3.
Before using the latest version, pre.cluster command returned fasta file, map file and names file, however, the latest mothur returned fasta file, map file and count_table file, instead of names file.
I want to use names file for subsequent processings, but I could not obtain it.

What should I do for pre.cluster command to return names file or how can I use count_table file instead of names file effectively?

Would you mind giving me some advice for this issue?

if you really want to use the names/groups files (if you want to know exactly which sequences go into which OTUs), don’t make the count_table. and use name= and group= downstream where the SOP used count=

Thank you for your reply.

I want to know which sequences go into which OTUs.
I specified “fasta=”, “name=” and “group=” to argument of pre.cluster command, but pre.cluster command returned count_table file to me.

I will try something with the information.
Thank you.

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