Phylogenetic Tree

Hello mothur’s users!

I followed the MiSeq SOP pipeline of mothur in order to preprocess and assign taxonomy using 16S rDNA amplicons data.

When I tried to go further, after I had got my OTU table, I couldn’t do the phylogenetic tree using the “clearcut” command because give me the following error:


Clearcut: Memory allocation error in NJ_parse_distance_matrix()
Clearcut: Syntax error in distance matrix at offset 7.

I didn’t understand this error.
Can anyone help me on this, please!

Thanks in advance!
Best wishes,

Your distance matrix is probably too large. I’d suggest sticking with OTU and phylotyping methods. I have yet to see a Unifrac or Phylogenetic diversity analysis that disagreed with a OTU-based analysis.


Thank you Pat,