pcr.seqs start/stop for V3_5 on MiSeq


I am trying to determine what the “start” and “stop” parameters should be for V3_5 primers on MiSeq in order to run “pcr.seqs” command correctly. Is this information already available somewhere, or do I need to align my pcr product to the silva.bacteria file?


Try start=6426 and end=27654



I also have the same question, however I am focussing on the V3 region alone (primers used were 341F/518R). If this isn’t easy to find out, could someone give me instruction on how to gain this info?

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The best thing to do would be to take an ecoli sequence, trim it to your PCR primers, align it, and run summary.seqs and use the start/end positions.

Thanks, that’s what I was also able to find from alignment to e.coli! :smiley:


Just a quick question: I was wondering how to “trim” the E. Coli genome to my primers with mothur.
My current strategy is using a fasta of the full E. Coli K12 genome from NCBI with pcr.seqs and an oligos file containing both my forward and reverse primers:

Just running pcr.seqs with these primers returns an empty fasta… which worries me a bit.
Am I overlooking some things here?

Turns out I intially evaluated the fusion primers rather than the primers, I updated the sequences above accordingly.
Next, I was able to execute pcr.seqs without ending up with an empty fasta, but still the length of my “in silico pcr product” appears to be >3.9e+06 bases, which is of course way too long. Once again I would like to get some input on how to overcome this problem.
I am using mothur 1.33.3 on an ubuntu 12.04 server.

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I would take the sequence at http://rdp.cme.msu.edu/hierarchy/detail.jsp?seqid=S000000258&format=fasta and open it in something like text wrangler or notepad++ and remove the bases before your forward primer sequences and the bases after your reverse primer sequence. Save it as ecoli.fasta and align it to your reference alignment.

I didn’t reply on this yet but thanks, this really helped a lot!
For all the other users of LGC genomics’ primers 341F and 785R that may strand here: the start position for silva reference alignment v119 is 6388 and the stop position is 22096.

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