New Silva database released: will be formatted for Mothur?

A new version of Silva full database was released ( Is that possible to have it formatted for Mothur? and not only the 16S sequences but also the 18S and the LSU sequences?
I am about to start a new analysis and it would be great to have this new updated database, if possible.

I’ve posted an updated set of SILVA reference files…

Thank you Pat! I already noticed that yesterday and downloaded it. And is incredible big!! hope to be able to use it without crashing the computer :smiley:

Is that possible to have bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes in separate files as with the previous version to reduce the size when we´re only interested in one type of organism? Or that is not possible with this new version?


You can pull it down and run get.lineage

Thank you Pat. Should I split also the reference alignment?? sorry but I am a bit lost with this new huge database and as it seems that the processing time will be long, I want to do things right from the beginning. :roll:

See the end of this for some ideas on how to use the database…

You can split the database if you want using get.lineage