Mothur shut down on classify.seqs command

I’ve been using the Esophagus tutorial, and after generating the distance matrix, I’ve added a command which is not in the tutorial:

classify.seqs(fasta=esophagus.good.filter.fasta, name=esophagus.good.filter.names, group=esophagus.good.groups, template=trainset9_032012.pds.fasta,, cutoff=60)

Before executing the command, I’ve added the trainset files to the right dir.
At a certains point while processing, mothur just shut itself down without a warnning. I tried it twice, same result.

Any ideas ?

What version of mothur are you using?

I am using version 1.27.0
(last update 8/8/2012)

Can you see if the problem persists in our current version 1.29.2?

So far it works like a charm in version 1.29
Thanks !