Make.contigs does not create a count table

make contigs command did not create a count table which need for further analysis. I am using mothur version 1.48. I even try with old versions like 1.43 and 1.43 and did not experience this before.
I only got two fasta files and one report file.
please help me with the analysis. I am doing an urgent analysis.

Can you post the contents of your logfile? The older versions did not produce a count table


Thank you for the response.
Here is the log file.

Some how I manage to create a count table using count.seqs. But the problem is pre.cluster command created an empty fasta file and “map” file with a count table. With these files I can’t proceed with further commands. Please help me.

It looks like you didn’t give make.contigs any information about what sample each sequence belongs to. That’s fine, if you only have one sample. To get the count_table run unique.seqs on the contigs.fasta file and you’ll get the count_table file.


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