make.biom with picrust parameter

Hello -

I’m attempting to ‘make.biom’ with the following command:
mothur > make.biom(, label=0.03,,,

I’ve read probably all the posts on the forum and attempted nearly everything, however I still get this error: [ERROR]: could not find OTUId for k__Bacteria(100);k__Bacteria_unclassified(100);k__Bacteria_unclassified(100);k__Bacteria_unclassified(100);k__Bacteria_unclassified(100);k__Bacteria_unclassified(100);. Its reference sequences are .

Yes I used the greengenes db for classifying sequences and otus… have tried current and older dbs and mapping tables. And I don’t think its particularly accurate to just delete OTUs that aren’t classified as one poster suggested in another thread… if the unclassified OTUs are the problem.

Please help.

Have you modified any of the files outside of mothur?


I did try exactly the same as described here and received the same error message. I did not modify any of the files outside of mothur. Did you already find a solution for this issue?

Cheers, Leo

I’m sorry for missing the information in the “MOTHUR bugs” part of the forum dealing with this issue (Make.biom picrust option doesnt handle unclassified?). That helped me a lot!