LefSe error: requesting groups not present in files, aborting

Dear mothur developers,

I faced the problem running the following command in mothur: lefse(shared=popov.insect_fruct.shared, design=popov.insect_fruct.design, inputdir=~/BioInf/Bats_16S/Statistics/processed_data)

The error:
You did not provide a class, using Food.
Comparing Insectivores-Fructivorous:
[ERROR]: requesting groups not present in files, aborting.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Can you please help with solving this issue?

Yours respectfully,

Can you post the output of running count.groups(shared=popov.insect_fruct.shared) and can you post the contents of popov.insect_fruct.design?


Dear Prof. Schloss,

Thank you for your kind response.
Please, find the output of count.groups attached: Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The contents of the design:

Group Food
E6901 Insectivores
E6902 Insectivores
E6903 Insectivores
E6904 Insectivores
E6905 Insectivores
E6906 Insectivores
E6907 Insectivores
E6908 Insectivores
E6909 Insectivores
E6910 Insectivores
E6911 Insectivores
E6912 Insectivores
E6913 Insectivores
E6914 Insectivores
E6915 Insectivores
E6916 Insectivores
E6917 Insectivores
E6918 Insectivores
E6919 Insectivores
E6920 Insectivores
E6921 Insectivores
E6922 Insectivores
E6923 Insectivores
E6924 Insectivores
E6925 Insectivores
E6926 Insectivores
E6927 Insectivores
E6928 Insectivores
E6929 Insectivores
E6930 Insectivores
E6931 Fructivorous
E6932 Fructivorous
E6933 Fructivorous
E6934 Fructivorous
E6935 Fructivorous
E6936 Fructivorous
E6937 Fructivorous
E6938 Fructivorous
E6939 Fructivorous
E6940 Fructivorous
E6941 Fructivorous
E6942 Fructivorous
E6943 Fructivorous
E6944 Fructivorous
E6945 Fructivorous
E6946 Fructivorous
E6947 Fructivorous
E6948 Fructivorous
E6949 Fructivorous
E6950 Fructivorous
E6951 Fructivorous
E6952 Fructivorous
E6953 Fructivorous
E6954 Fructivorous
E6955 Fructivorous
E6956 Fructivorous
E6957 Fructivorous
E6958 Fructivorous
E6959 Fructivorous
E6960 Fructivorous
E6961 Insectivores
E6962 Insectivores
E6963 Insectivores
E6964 Insectivores
E6965 Insectivores
E6966 Insectivores
E6967 Insectivores
E6968 Insectivores
E6969 Insectivores
E6970 Insectivores
E6971 Insectivores
E6972 Insectivores
E6973 Insectivores
E6974 Insectivores
E6975 Insectivores
E6976 Insectivores
E6977 Insectivores
E6978 Insectivores
E6979 Insectivores
E6980 Insectivores
E6981 Insectivores
E6982 Insectivores
E6983 Insectivores
E6984 Insectivores
E6985 Insectivores
E6986 Insectivores
E6987 Insectivores
E6989 Insectivores
E6990 Insectivores

Can you post the output from running count.groups?

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