I split the distance file first. How to cluster now?


I had ~29GB distance file and I used cluster.split() to split it. Now I want to perform clustering before performing alpha, beta diversity calculations (following SOP 454).
Can someone tell me how to use these multiple split files as input to cluster program.


Cluster.split will cluster the split files as long as cluster=t, which is the default. If you set cluster=f, you can also run the files one at a time with the cluster command, http://www.mothur.org/wiki/Cluster.

mothur > cluster(column=splitColumnFormattedDistanceFile1, names=splitNamesFile1)

Hi westcott

Thanks for the reply.
Here is what i have so far.
1- X.final.dist
2- X.final.names
3- X.final.dist.0.temp — X.final.dist.44.temp
4- X.final.names.0.temp — X.final.names.44.temp

Do you suggest me this
#cluster.split(column=X.final.dist.0.temp, name=X.final.names.0.temp,processors=1,large=T)
If yes then I don’t know how am I instructing cluster.split() to not run split step this time and only cluster?

Did mothur crash while you were running cluster.split the first time? Or did you set cluster=false?