Hot to get OTUs from a shared file?

Hi everybody,

I am using the MiSeq SOP on a 18S data set. After QC (singletons out is the final step of it), I sub sampled my number of sequences to normalize using sub.sample(shared=myFile, size=50000)

I have 2 questions. First, what is the logic of the selection?

I would like to get the OTUs from this tailored shared file. But my trials might be failing cause I got a bug (that I plan to report).
I am working with the v.1.33.3

Thanks and have a nice day,


The current release of Mothur is 1.37.2 so any bugs you’re experiencing may be remedied by upgrading to the newest version.

If that doesn’t fix it, how exactly are you trying to get the OTU’s?