Homova B-balues


I am running Homova analyses, and have a few questions regarding the output.
Here is an example of my output:
Group type Min Mean Median Stddev Max
A-B ssws_0 0.000674917 0.000971613 0.000986534 9.38E-05 0.00116039
A-B ssws_1 8.71E-05 0.000130276 0.00013469 2.30E-05 0.000185771
A-B pval 0.001 0.001 0.001 6.51E-19 0.001
A-B bval 46.6127 73.017799 70.6146 13.84333891 102.459

I am not sure what the b-value really tells about the A vs. B sample. I do not find more information on your webpages. Can you elaborat on this value?


If you check out:

You’ll see the formula and references.


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