AMOVA output

Hey all

Just have a brief question. I’m a little behind on my population genetics knowledge and I have a question about the Amova outputs. I successfully ran a series of AMOVA comparisons. The Fs values range from 1.4 to 60.4. From what I have read this value represents "community/molecular similarity’ but most values I see in the literature are between 0 and 1, so I assume these have been converted to a percentage in Mothur? The larger Fs values all have a p-value of <0.001 so am I to assume the communities are are 1.4 and 60.4% dissimilar respectively?

Anyways, any help is much appreciated!



The Fs is not a percent - think of it as being like a F statistic from ANOVA. Values less than 1 mean that the variation within a group is greater than the varition between groups.