Heatmap.bin .SVG format not generating

Hi All,

I am trying to understand the relationship between the OTUs generated, and am using heatmap.bin command.I used the OTU list as input, however I am not getting an .svg file like I got while using heatmap.sim. I am instead getting a file with various coordinated of x, y, rectfill, stroke etc. In that case, how do I visualize this data? If I understand correctly, the coordinates are the various cells of a heatmap matrix. However, if I could get an insight on how to convert the file into a matlab suitable format to generate the heatmap, or if there is a platform where I could load the file and generate the heatmap, that would be really helpful.
Thank you very much.

You need a program that will render a SVG file. Illustrator, Safari, and Inkscape will. Although, to be honest, mothur’s visualizations are not nearly as good as you could generate using R.

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