hcluster: error during column dist matrix sorting

I have recently been working to analyze a large dataset with an 8 GB distance matrix which is beyond the memory allocation I have access to. When using hcluster on a column formatted distance matrix I get an error saying the sorted.dist file could not be opened. Aside from providing the distance matrix and names file is there anything else I’m missing? Below is the command and resulting output. Thanks for all the help.

mothur > hcluster(column=TCA454Reads.trim.filter.unique.precluster.dist, name=TCA454Reads.trim.filter.unique.precluster.names, cutoff=0.10)
28: It took 381 seconds to sort.
29: [ERROR]: Could not open TCA454Reads.trim.filter.unique.precluster.sorted.dist

Are you redirecting the input or output? Could you see if the file is made and just not put where you expected?