Get.sharedseqs, unique otus


I’m running get.sharedseqs to get a list of otus that are unique to certain group in a shared file. My shared file has only two groups, “a” and “an”. I am getting otus that are definitely present in both groups listed as unique. For instance, otu0001 is present in both groups, but is reported as unique for both groups.

get.sharedseqs(shared=CC.0.binary.merge_o2.shared, uniquegroups=a, output=accnos)

get.sharedseqs(shared=CC.0.binary.merge_o2.shared, uniquegroups=an, output=accnos)

I’ve used this with other data sets with more than two groups and it seemed to work fine, is there something else I’m doing wrong here?


Could you send your shared and log file to

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