Get number of sequences behind the unique sequences

Is there an easy way to get the number of sequences that is behind every unique sequence after running the unique.seqs command? and if possible divided by group.


In the next release when you run get.groups(groups=whatever.groups) you will get the name of the groups along with the number of sequences in each group. You’ll get similar output from trim.seqs.

As for the number of sequences represented by each unique sequence, are you thinking of some type of file output?

If possible yes, but if there is another way around it will be fine as well.

we’ll put this in the feature docket, it sounds like a good idea.

Just wondering if this feature (getting the number of unique sequences per group) has been integrated in any new versions? Thanks very much for all you do!

Yes, it was in 1.20 - count.seqs. Hope you enjoy!