Get.lineage and remove.lineage bug v 1.44.0

I’ve been trying to run get.lineage and remove.lineage using 1.44.0 but I keep getting an error message saying the sequence (or OTU) was not found in my taxonomy file; I was copying and pasting the desired taxon directly from my taxonomy file. I decided to switched over to 1.43.0 and the command works. It looks like there is a bug in the get/remove.lineage commands for 1.44.0.

Can you try the latest version - 1.44.1 - and see if that solves the problem? There was a fix in there that was related to these commands. If it doesn’t solve the problem, can you let us know and provide the command as you are trying to run it?


Yup, using 1.44.1 fixed the problem. Thanks Pat!