Create taxonomy files from ARB?

I have a few unpublished sequence libraries in Arb, along with modified taxonomy information. I’ve used them for my alignment template file and would now like to use the set for the .tax files for classification. Is there a way to export the taxonomy info (I used the tax_slv field) from ARB and have it formatted for mothur? Or would I need to manually add the seq and taxonomy info to the mothur files.

If you have already assigned taxonomy to your sequences, go Tree -> NDS. Click only “name” and “tax_slv” (make sure that the width is high for tax_slv…maybe 300 or so). Go File -> export -> export fields using NDS (use Tab for columns). I think that you will need to add a semicolon to the end of the tax string. You can do:

awk ‘{print $1 “\t” $2 “;”}’ infile > outfile


Perfect- much easier than modifying an export filter file!,
Thanks for the help.