count.seqs WARNING

Hi Group,

I am getting following WARNING while running count.seqs. Please let me know is it normal or something wrong with my analysis. Thanks

[WARNING]: group JCT-3-3_S23 contains illegal characters in the name. Group names should not include :, -, or / characters. The ‘:’ character is a special character used in trees. Using ‘:’ will result in your tree being unreadable by tree reading software. The ‘-’ character is a special character used by mothur to parse group names. Using the ‘-’ character will prevent you from selecting groups. The ‘/’ character will created unreadable filenames when mothur includes the group in an output filename.

Like it says, you shouldn’t use - in group names. At this stage in the processing it doesn’t matter, but will down the pipe.


Removed -, Now no WARNING. Thanks… :slight_smile: