correspondence of taxa between .tx.1.cons.taxonomy and

I’m trying to find corresponding taxa between the phylotype files *.wang.pick.pick.tx.1.cons.taxonomy and * I want to base my analysis on the summary file, filtered on ‘daughterlevels==0’ which gives in my example, 252 taxa, corresponding exactly to the number of lines taxonomy file. I want to get correspondence between the lines of the filtered summary file (252 daughterless taxa) and the taxonomy file so that I can attach the detailed phylem, class, order, family, and genus labels to rows of the summary file. Currently there is no way to do this. I am forced to sub-filter my list to taxa with counts that are large enough so that the number has a good chance of being unique. N=1000 worked in that there was just one row in each file with exactly that count. I’m hoping there’s a better way!

Is it possible to include another column in the summary file for taxa label that is missing everywhere except for rows that have no daughter cells?

Grant Izmirlian

Hi Grant,
Thanks for the feature request! We will add it to our list, :slight_smile: