Converting tsv to an OTU format for R

I had 16S and ITS data sequenced for a study. I received that sequencing data back in a Excel file. I have been trying to run the data in R but I need it in an OTU format. I was told to use mothur to do this but I am completely lost as to how. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi there Aysha,

Is it sequences data (with all the A, T, G, Cā€™s) or count/relative abundance data? Normally, sequence data comes in a fasta or fastq-formatted file. Regardless, your sequence provider should really be giving you the raw fastq data if you hope to publish these results. Having the fastq data will work best with mothur and make it possible to make you data publicly available when you publish.


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Thank you! I actually do have the fastq data.