Clustering sequences

Hello friends,

I am new at bioinformatics and this software. i have near 116000 16 S rna sequences in a fasta file. And i wanna cluster sequences into
species-level OTUs of 99% sequence similarity by the furthestneighbor method. But i dont know how i can do it. it is an emergency. Pls help me :oops:


Welcome to the mothur community. Unfortunately, your question is more broad and vague than we can really answer in the forum. I would encourage you to look at our examples:

Also, you are probably going to want to get more than fasta files (e.g. sff or fastq) and you won’t want to use the furthest neighbor algorithm ( If you have more specific questions, please post them and we can help you out.


Thank you for your help Pat. I ve got my answers for now.