cluster hard=t not working

A couple of issues here. What I run is this:

cluster(column=thesis.dist, name=thesis.names, cutoff=0.03, hard=t)

And it puts out:
1 0 etc…
changed cutoff to 0.0559848

So it seems like hard=t is not working.

Next issue, when I run:
bin.seqs(list=thesis.tx.list, fasta=thesis.fasta, name=thesis.names, label=0.03)

I get:
Your file does not include the label
0.03. I will use the next smallest distance.

Output File Names:

So I cannot retrieve OTUs at a specified cut-off, 0.05 doesn’t work either.

Solved the second issue (typo :oops: ) but the hard=t still doesn’t seem to work.

It’s working - the change in the cutoff is due to how the average neighbor algorithm is implemented with the cutoff.