Chimera slayer read out problem


I am looking over the file which tells you the left parent and right parent of the sequences that Chimera Slayer has identified as chimeras. For most it gives me the S0 number for identification in RDP, but for some the left parent has 7.00E+15 in place of the S0 number and hence I cannot Id it in RDP. Is someone able to tell me why this number has been returned instead of the S0 number?



For some reference sequences in the gold database the sequence id’s do start with 7000… For example, the first sequence name in the file is:


Is this what you’re seeing?


Hi Pat,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

No I’m not actually seeing a number like you have quoted, all that appears for some of the left parents and actually some of the right parents, is 7.00E+15, the number does not differ for different sequences identified. This was when Chimera Slayer was used with Silva as the reference.
Since then chimera slayer has been run again, this time against the HOMD database and we are not seeing this now, both the right and left parents have HOMD identifiers.