assignment of unclassified groups (

Hi, I used to count the taxa for each of the groups in my data set. I got several taxa designated as unclassified.
Is it possible to have unclassified_bacteria or unclassified_Pseudomonadaceae instead of this? If I am right it could be derived from the preceding tax level based on the rankID?
Thanks Andreas

If you look at the outline in the summary file, you’ll see that the preceding level will have the taxonomic level.

Yes, I understand that I can manually add the respective information, eg.:

  • taxlevel rankID taxon

    5 Micrococcaceae

    6 unclassified

change to:

  • 6 unclassified_Micrococcaceae

My question is, if there is a possibility to perform it automatically using Mothur.
Cheers Andreas

I’ll add it to the future features list - thanks for the suggestion


I see that in the release Mother v.1.37.0 you added as reported below the assignment for unclassified groups with the, classify.otu and classify.seq.

Is there a command to have still only the “unclassified” label without the assignment, or shall I use older version of Mothur to do it?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Edoardo Puglisi

Does it break other scripts? We felt like this was more informative than just a blank “unclassified”