arb files for specific 16S database


This is my first post here and I’m quite new to mothur so I’m not sure if this has already been answered. I’ve tried googling it but without luck.

So I’ve used the MiSeq SOP with the example and with some of our data and it worked perfectly. Now in a separate experiment we want to use a customized 16S rRNA database that contains full 16S genes from a group of isolates from our lab and I’m not really sure how to create this specific database.

My question is, how to create the arb file from our fasta file so I can then follow the “README for the SILVA v123 reference files” and create our specific database. I’ve tried looking in the arb manual on how to create such file but I did not find it. Any idea how to create this arb file.

Is it necessary to create this reference file following the README or I can directly use the fasta file containing the sequences. If this is the case, in which step of the MiSeq SOP should be used? In the align.seqs?

Any help will be appreciated.



The first paragraph from that post has a link to this page:

That should have the reference files you want.