AAerror : Sequence not found in count or name file

I got error while i am running cluster command. It ran for 1 day but after 1 day this error came.
I am attaching a file below of the error. please help me to solve this error.

Rishikesh Dash

Can you post the previous commands and output that you have run to get to this point? Also, what version of mothur are you running, what MiSeq chemistry are you using, and what region are you sequencing?


ok sir.
previuos command was dist.seqs(fasta=final.fasta, cutoff=0.03)
output I got final.dist file
mothur version was

linux version

Using ReadLine,Boost,GSL
mothur v.1.48.0
Last updated: 5/20/22
Patrick D. Schloss

We have sequenced V3-V4 region, where read length was 301*2 bp.

I suspect that when you renamed your files you used either the wrong fasta or count_table file. Go back to that step and double check what you used.

Also, I’d strongly encourage you to instead use the cluster.split function rather thandist.seqs/cluster since it’s likely that with your noisy V3-V4 data you will never get it to cluster.


Thank You sir for your help.

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