454 creating the name file?

I am trying to follow the 454 SOP with data from a database, but the only data I have are the reads themselves, not shh nor names files were published. Is there a form to create the name file?

Thank you!

Hi Maria,

in what format are the reads, FASTA? If so, then I think the command

mothur > unique.seqs(fasta=YourName.fasta)

should work. The output from that command would create a new fasta file of the unique sequences and a names file for them.

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Thank you René!

Yes, the reads are in fasta format. Do you think that before trimming I could use unique.seqs and then run trim.seqs and unique.seqs again?

Hi Maria,

yes, you can do that.



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Thank you Rene,
I tried and it worked