sub.sample from multiple fasta

Hi MOTHUR team.

This is a convenience request…(getting lazier by the day).

It would be nice if sub.sample function could be used to sub.sample from multiple fasta files at the same time and generate different subsample files for fasta specified. I think it is possible to do this with persample option now, as long as the original fasta’s and a group file is provided, but it would be nice to do this on individual files too. Also, would it be possible even if within the persample option to specify an additional extension to the filename.

For example
sub.sample(input=fasta1.fasta-fasta2.fasta-fasta3.fasta, output=fasta1.XXXX.fasta-fasta2.XXXX.fasta-fasta3.XXXX.fasta, size=XXXX).

Output=fasta1.XXXX.fasta, fasta2.XXXX.fasta, etc.

Thanks very much.