split.abund and several samples

Dear mothur-forum,

we are aware that the removal of singletons is a hot discussed topic. Still, we would like to take that road. :sunglasses:

We have used the split.abund command on our dataset consisting of 3 samples to remove the singletons. However, we have noticed that the command only considers the total sum of the representative sequences in the count_table-file. The result is that we have still singletons in our dataset.

For example:
Representative_Sequence total mock na1 na2
M0300__10262_11047_3333 5 0 1 4

So we would like to remove only the singelton in sample na1 but keep the 4 sequences in sample na2.

Are there any solutions or commands to solve that?
Any tips or hints are welcomed!

Beate, Nadja, Gรถtz, Janosch

You want to use the remove.rare command with the bygroup option. http://www.mothur.org/wiki/Remove.rare#bygroup