Several data are Eukaryota_unclassified?

Hi, I got lots of Eukaryota_unclassified in my .taxonomy result file. Let me say about just 2 sample’s result:: In taxonomy file there are total 3435 lines, from them 3248 are unclassified. Such type of unclassified data i got in all 21 samples. I have native prairie, no-till, long term no-till types soil samples. Please let me know is it normal result or should i use some specific parameter while analysis. Thanks

Otu0018 993 Eukaryota(100);Eukaryota_unclassified(100);Eukaryota_unclassified(100);Eukaryota_unclassified(100);Eukaryota_unclassified(100);Eukaryota_unclassified(100);

This is very common for Bacteria in soils. I’ve had samples where 30% of my seqs were id’d only to kingdom. you’ll have to look into lit to see if it’s expected for euks as well