remove.otus and remove.otulabels


I am trying to remove OTUs from a taxonomy file to make it ‘match’ a sub.sampled shared file.
I used these commands:
remove.otulabels(accnos=su18.opti_mcc.0.03.subsample.0.03.otulabels, constaxonomy=su18.cons.taxonomy)

The way I read the remove.otus and remove.otulabels wikipages this should remove OTUs NOT in the accnos file (i.e. su18.opti_mcc.0.03.subsample.0.03.otulabels).

However, it instead removes all the OTUs that are IN in the su18.opti_mcc.0.03.subsample.0.03.otulabels file.
I also tried remove.otus and got the same result.

mothur > list.otulabels(shared=su18.opti_mcc.0.03.subsample.shared)


Output File Names:

mothur > remove.otulabels(accnos=su18.opti_mcc.0.03.subsample.0.03.otulabels, constaxonomy=su18.cons.taxonomy)

Removed 9542 otus from your constaxonomy file.

Output File Names:

mothur >

The remove commands remove the items listed in the accnos file. The get commands select the items listed in the accnos file. Can you try this:

mothur > list.otulabels(shared=su18.opti_mcc.0.03.subsample.shared)
mothur > get.otulabels(accnos=su18.opti_mcc.0.03.subsample.0.03.otulabels, constaxonomy=su18.cons.taxonomy)

Thanks! That worked.