Remove lineage on rankID


using the latest trainingset by RDP, in which some renaming has been done:

To avoid confusion, the phylum Cyanobacteria has been renamed Cyanobacteria/Chloroplast. In this phylum, the Chloroplasts have been moved to an new artificial Chloroplast Chloroplast.

Now, when I want to remove taxon=Chloroplast, everything in the phylum is removed, including the Cyanobacteria I want to keep. I could remove the chloroplasts by typing the exact names, e.g. taxon=Streptophyta-Chlorophyta, but, looking at the rankId, there appear to be some unclassified chloroplast lineage(s), which can’t be removed without removing all unclassified sequences (taxon=unclassified).

Could not an extra parameter ‘rankID’ be included to handle everything at once?

Thanks for the heads up Kirk. This has been on my list of things to look at for a few weeks, but I’ve been dragging my feet. I’d also like to add a mitochondria lineage…

I was planning to do this too and generally add some more genera.